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Cruinniú na nóg 2020 A Sense of Place

Paper Craft Workshop

A creative art project inspired by the theme of a Sense of Place under the framework of using easily accessible materials found in an average household.

Reimagining place - inspired by how we all have had to reimagine the places in which we live during this pandemic. The Foldable paper house creation, this paper craft will be a fold out space with 4 rooms. Each room will represent 4 expressions of space. Each expression will be using a different medium.

· Printing - using rubbings – gathering materials from outside leaf rubbings, rubbings from the textures of outside and inside

· Colour transfer

· Drawing

· painting

All these can be created from materials from home - paper, markers, chalk or crayons and pencils, tinfoil, water, scissors, tape or glue.

Each room has prompt for creativity –

· Recreate your favourite outdoor place

· Recreate your favourite indoor place

· Create an imaginary place

· The final room is a space to place a favourite memory of quarantine so far.

Check out the material and tutorial video on Creative Laois Youtube Channel

More information onú2020 and

Instagram @creativeirelandlaois and Facebook @creativelaois

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