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Online with Caroline

Autumn Art Series

Creative Cues.jpg
The 'Creative Cues' pack is full of worksheets and creative prompts to help ignite the artists imagination
and encourage process led art making with
a focus on discovery and play. 

Where can I get mine?

For extra convenience during these tricky times,
your Art Box will be posted straight to your door!
Each Art Box is €60.00 including postage & packaging.
Nationwide Delivery to Republic of Ireland only.
To purchase yours,
click the 'Buy Now' button below and proceed through PayPal Checkout.

Currently SOLD OUT!

If you wish to purchase for more than one artist in your household just email

so we can add the extra materials to you box and calculate your small additional fee.

Everything you need to know... 

The Autumn Art Series for 7years+ is a collection of
5 original video tutorials each providing an hour of creativity and
exploration pf 5 different artistic skills, 
which you can gain access to by purchasing the
Art Box!
The Art Box, which is posted straight to your door, contains the materials you need to follow Caroline through her exciting video tutorials,
as well as the password that will give you access to the videos!

What will we be doing?


 Learn how to create a shape shifting Pooka Mask


Inspired by the tales of the Pooka from Celtic Folklore,

this art tutorial shows how to create a shapeshifting Pooka Mask.

The Pooka was a shape shifter trickster often seen

during the Autumn and Winter months.

The Pooka was recalled to shape shift and take the form of a horse, cat, hare, wolfs and even old men!



 Explore Subtractive Drawing


In this art session with willow charcoal and a ruuber,

we shall be trying a technique called

subtractive drawing. 

We shall explore this drawing technique by drawing animals

which are black and white in colour.


 Experimenting with Mono-printing

In this tutorial we shall experiment with the process of mono-printing with paint,
markers and acetate.We will be reacting to the marks we make during the process to
create unique pictures and art works.

For this tutorial it can be fun to gather some flat materials to print onto your

pages like some leaves or flowers, feathers or paper cut outs!

Screenshot 2020-11-26 164905.jpg

Clay Work

 Building a Gorgoch - Irish Fairy

Inspired by Celtic folklore, Gorgoch were half human half fairy

and travelled from Scotland to settle in Ireland.

They were known to be hard working and possessed the power of invisibility, which they only revealed to those they truly trusted.

In this tutorial we shall create a Gorgoch out of air-drying clay

and then begin to design your very own mythical creature!


 Autumn Nightscapes 

The Autumn season is filled with deep dark colours

and rich vibrant bold tones too.

In this art tutorial we shall play with painting autumnal nightscapes on

a black background and background of bold colour

by using sponges cardboard and a paint brush.


What materials will I get in my art box?

Your art box will be bursting with everything you need to create your works of art,
including a 'Creative Cues' pack, which contains templates, worksheets and creative prompts to guide the Artist during the videos and inspire them to continue
creating after each tutorial.
Take a look inside and see for yourself!
To ensure the utmost safety and adherence to current government guidelines on Covid-19 each box and all contents are thoroughly sanitised before it is packaged and posted.
Breakdown of Art Box contents
  • Assorted A3 sheets x4
  • Assorted A4 sheets x6
  • Assorted A5 sheets x9
  • Painting paper A4 sheets x4
  • Carded printing sheets x4
  • Acetate A4 x2
  • Tooth picks x4
  • Cardboard shapes
  • Sponges x3
  • Willow Charcoal x 2
  • Plastic Sheet
  • 5 pots of 55ml paint (Red, yellow, blue, black, white)
  • 1 pot of PVA Glue1 pot of 40ml
  • Paint brush
  • 700g of Air Drying Clay
Breakdown of Creative Cue Pack
  • Sketch book - assorted paper
  • Drawing Game Worksheet
  • Shape Shifting Cardboard Mask base x1
  • Shape Shifting Mask Template x2
  • Mythical Creature Worksheet
  • Claywork Gorgoch Template
  • Clay Board

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