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Time and location: See our timetable on our homepage

All Materials included

Class Length: 1 Hour weekly

Duration: 4/6/8 week terms

After School Art Clubs

Information and bookings

The Art clubs are process led Art classes for primary school children.

These Art classes aim to create a fun and vibrant environment for children to develop their artistic abilities.The club is designed around an art studio environment, so students will learn about different art materials, experiment and work together in groups.

I have designed the classes so there is a balance of learning artistic techniques and the creative process of art making. I encourage each artist to experiment with their materials and include their individual ideas into each different piece of work.

The After School Art Club holds a focus that the creative process of art making is just as important if not more so than creating an end product. The motivation for the class is to provide an environment to enable creative thinking, stimulate curiosity and build confidence.

Each class is an hour and we cover the areas of the primary school ciriculum - painting, drawing, printmaking, construction, clay and craft and explore the work of many different artists..

 Junior Art Club : for school going age to 7 years                          

Senior Art Club : for 8+ years

Siblings are welcome to attend the same cLass.


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