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Adult Classes

Information and bookings

My aim for every class or workshop is to provide a relaxing environment for creativity

to flourish. Appealing to the curious beginner or the art enthusiast, these classes cater

for all levels, starting with the absolute beginner.

Everyone who joins the class will be brought through all the basic skills, techniques and art mediums,  such as painting, drawing and colour mixing using acrylics,

watercolours and other dry materials.


During the course of classes, we cover areas like still life, paint preparation and

drawing from observation.


I encourage individual learning so if there is an area of interest to you such as

portraiture, we can happily explore and learn the different techniques of that area.

Classes are designed to develop artistic techniques, to become more familiar with art materials, meet like minded people and to discover your creative side.

Times & Locations : See our timetable on our Homepage

Class length: 2 hours

Materials: All provide

Duration: 7 week term

Price: €132

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