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Learn how to Mono Print at Home

Creative Activities to try during social distancing using items from your home.

I have tried to put together some fun art activities suitable for any age and trying to keep in mind to use items that you might already have at home while we are quarantining.

Learn how to Mono Print at Home This a fun simple activity of Mono Printing for all ages. All you need is paint , waterproof surface , a paint brush, water , paper scissors and a cotton bud or your finger and something to wipe the paint away. Tag us @artclasseswithcaroline so we can share your creations or anything else you've discovered to be fun and creative and would like to share 👍 If you have no paint available to you check out our Instagram and facebook stories for upcoming drawing challenges✏️ Take Care,Caroline

All videos on Instagram and Facebook @artclasseswithcaroline

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