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Sculpture at Home

For anyone with budding artists sick of drawing or painting here is a very simple way to make sculptures at home!

Continuing on the theme of limited art supplies all you need is 2 cups of flour 1cup of salt 3/4 cup of water. If you have paint or food colouring at home you can add either to the mix to dye the material or just paint them after! Mix your flour and salt together then slowly add the water (& food colouring or a drop of paint) while mixing till you reach a dough consistency. You don't want it to be wet - a workable dough. You can sculpt away to your heart's content! Use shape cutters or imprint your hands! Keep left over dough in air locked container. You can bake your creations in the oven for 120degrees C, till they are hard and dry or just leave them out to air dry. Once they are dry and hard they will be ready to paint! 🖌️🎨🏠 If you want your sculpture to last forever and not turn mouldy you will need to seal it with PVA glue or a varnish if you have some to keep the moisture out.

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